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June 2015

Best branding agencies seo blog game.

Best branding agencies seo blog game. Okay, so here's the game. I write a blog post, in which I talk about things Gibbons | Peck focuses on-healthcare marketing, bank marketing, articulating differential advantage for client brands, SEO-all the things we do to distinguish ourselves from other NC, SC, Asheville, and Greenville ad agencies. And you try to guess which of the long-tail and short tail terms are targeted keywords. Over the years, the Google algorithm has become much more sophisticated-able to anticipate what the human brain is looking for with a given search term. So, all the best branding agencies,…


Digital media is a conversation.

Digital media is a conversation. For as long as there has been marketing, there have been marketing flavors of the month. And it makes sense. If we can do this one thing and get the results we want, we can eliminate the complexity and uncertainty of marketing. And, if fish had wings they'd be birds. So we go through these phases. Dimensional direct. Outdoor boards with one-word headlines. Music video television spots. Shaky cameras. Social media. And to make matters worse, we can point to brands that are employing flavor-of-the-month tactics and who are succeeding and exclaim, "See! Matchbook cover…


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