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January 2015

What's so special about bank branding?

What's so special about bank branding? We've developed a lot of brands over the past couple of decades. Schools. Hospitals. Retail concepts. Consumer goods. Manufacturers. But there's just something special about bank branding, and in particular community bank branding. There are several reasons: Bank branding is about trust. Because it's so true, it has gotten to be a cliche-people do business with people. This is where community banks win in the great big-bank-small-bank wars. In every single community bank we've branded, there has been on person with a large personality, with deep roots in the community, with a distinctive philosophy,…


3 Ways Inbound Marketing Helps Community Bank Branding

3 Ways Inbound Marketing Helps Community Bank Branding Inbound marketing, also known as content marketing, is a strategic technology-based tool that allows you to position yourself, while inviting your best prospects to self-identify. The way the technology works is that you make an offer-information, white paper, ebook, data...something of value to a target prospect-via a call to action (CTA) button. This can be a part of a blog post, or it can be freestanding as a banner ad or social media post. A prospect interested in the value you offer clicks the button, which takes them to a landing page,…


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