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Best branding agencies seo blog game.

Best branding agencies seo blog game. Okay, so here's the game. I write a blog post, in which I talk about things Gibbons | Peck focuses on-healthcare marketing, bank marketing, articulating differential advantage for client brands, SEO-all the things we do to distinguish ourselves from other NC, SC, Asheville, and Greenville ad agencies. And you try to guess which of the long-tail and short tail terms are targeted keywords. Over the years, the Google algorithm has become much more sophisticated-able to anticipate what the human brain is looking for with a given search term. So, all the best branding agencies,…


Digital media is a conversation.

Digital media is a conversation. For as long as there has been marketing, there have been marketing flavors of the month. And it makes sense. If we can do this one thing and get the results we want, we can eliminate the complexity and uncertainty of marketing. And, if fish had wings they'd be birds. So we go through these phases. Dimensional direct. Outdoor boards with one-word headlines. Music video television spots. Shaky cameras. Social media. And to make matters worse, we can point to brands that are employing flavor-of-the-month tactics and who are succeeding and exclaim, "See! Matchbook cover…


The return of the social media-face-to-face hybrid strategy

The return of the social media-face-to-face hybrid strategy Back when the Internet was still the wild west, the pioneers discovered that companies with the best brick-and-mortar presence had the best online results, and that the companies with the best virtual presence had the best results at physical stores. Of course, this is consistent with prior learning about distribution strategies. Automotive brands have long known that local dealership sales are impacted by national image advertising, and that customer satisfaction is supported by the quality of collateral materials (intuitively believed to be a pre-selling tool). Heathcare marketing, and in particular pharmaceutical marketing,…


"Identity is the new money."

"Identity is the new money." Dave Burch, publisher of the blog, Tomorrow's Transactions, and number six on The Financial Brand's "25 Most Influential Voices in Banking," said it ever so succinctly. "Identity is the the new money." Said less succinctly, "being who you are and being able to prove it is cash." Burch's stock in trade is technology and currency, not branding. But his insight is a valuable one for bank branding and bank marketing as well. Of course, the primary purpose for developing a bank brand is to generate more and better relationships and transactions. A branding strategy outside…


Mobile Matters More than Ever for SEO

Mobile Matters More than Ever for SEO Something really big happened yesterday, April 21, 2015. Google acknowledged that mobile has hit critical mass (and maybe even gave it a little push) with it's program to prefer mobile-friendly sites in search results. They actually put it this way: "'s the day we begin globally rolling out our mobile-friendly update. We're boosting the ranking of mobile-friendly pages on mobile search results. Now searchers can more easily find high-quality and relevant results where text is readable without tapping or zooming, tap targets are spaced appropriately, and the page avoids unplayable content or horizontal…


You're already doing inbound marketing.

You're already doing inbound marketing. Inbound marketing (sometimes called content marketing) is kind of trendy right now. But it isn't actually new. In other forms-direct, database, curriculum, permission marketing-it's been around for forty years or more. What is new is the digital technology and cultural norms that enable marketers to send content, consumers to respond to that content, and marketers to respond back...all in real time. Some of the best opportunities are in industries that already do business in a way that involves a deep, information-rich conversation. Inbound marketing for banks: Banks in general, and community banks in particular tend…


3 reasons to use video in your healthcare branding

3 reasons to use video in your healthcare branding Among the greatest joys for a hospital branding agency is finding ways to differentiate a community hospital using the authentic expressions of real people. It's an approach that requires the ability and willingness to listen carefully, to ask the right questions, to wait for the answers, and to let the silences sit an germinate. One of our labors of love for our Greenville branding agency is branding a community hospital right down the road, called Baptist Easley. The hospital is a uniquely compassionate place at the heart of a community of…


3 ways healthcare inbound helps community hospital branding

3 ways healthcare inbound helps community hospital branding As consumers begin to shop and negotiate for their health care services, it's more important than ever to differentiate a community hospital and it's hospital-owned physician practices from their competitors. Obviously, the key lever is authentic, systemic, and strategic hospital branding-make it clear to the five senses exactly what to expect from the brand. But at the tactical level, healthcare inbound can be a valuable piece of the healthcare marketing puzzle. Inbound is an approach that offers something (an ebook, a white paper, a sample service or product, an experience, a report,…


5 things the best branding agencies understand

5 things the best branding agencies understand Within the pantheon of strategic marketing, brand strategies have often been marginalized. To tough-minded, data-driven tactical marketing types, building a brand seems like a soft, warm-and-fuzzy, touchy-feely objective (which translates into unmeasurable and disconnected from financial activities or objectives). Yet, the best branding agencies understand some things about your organization (and your brand community) that create definite ties between your brand and its bottom line. For example: 1. Brand strategy springs from business plan. A good business plan considers elements such as management preference, leadership temperament, current customer expectations, long-term needs (including elements…


The power of patient experience in community hospital branding.

The power of patient experience in community hospital branding. As the healthcare branding landscape becomes more and more crowded with less-than-ideally differentiated options, one of the few things we can count on is that people still want to be cared for by people who know what they're doing. That's why, in positioning a community hospital, it's important to consider patient experience and consumer attitudes about their experience. Common wisdom is that the largest hospital in a market should (if they can) capture the technology-leader position. Generally, the 800-pound gorilla will be the one with the CON advantage, the budget advantage,…


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