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August 2014

There's no substitute for research.

There's no substitute for research. When you're doing branding, campaign development, or marketing strategy, there's no substitute for good information. Now, there are several ways to get that information. And sometimes, you get surprises you didn't expect. But those happy accidents are usually the results of hard work. A few years ago, we did some comprehensive research with alumni of a community college in Tennessee. The response was enthusiastic and generous. And the respondents gave us great insights into both language and expectations...and led us to the campaign, "We're here to get you there." Another time, we were working for…


It's one big thing: Integrated Media.

It's one big thing: Integrated Media. Lately, there has been a flurry of very exciting technology...advanced, proactive database management, retargeting (which lets you follow a prospect around your site...and around the web), and breakthroughs in pay-per-click strategies and search engine optimization, as well as a rising tide of social media channels. These provide a great punch to existing media vehicles. By focusing on each client's assets and opportunities-owned media (website, collateral, service mix...physical location), earned media (press coverage, social media responses, search engine selling), and bought media (print, television, radio, outdoor, direct mail, online "click through" advertising, and pay-per-click…


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