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April 2014

3 reasons for thumbnails.

3 reasons for thumbnails. Every marketing communication firm faces a conundrum. It's a paradox, actually. We're constantly pushed to develop smart creative. And, we're almost always under a deadline to drive the transaction NOW. The problem is that creativity takes time, as numerous studies show ( So, how do we as advertising creatives balance the vicious demand of short deadlines and the need for smart, brand consistent concepts? One tool art directors use to deal with the demand is the "thumbnail." A thumbnail is a small sketch, usually done very quickly, almost always in pencil. 1. Thumbnailing frees up the…


Gastro Stars Align at Genevieve's.

Gastro Stars Align at Genevieve's. For foodies, there are flavors-of-the-month. There are unsung stars, those people and places that are critically acclaimed but don't really catch on for one reason or another. And then, there are legends. Around the turn of the century (20-21), there was a place called 33 Liberty. It was a tiny restaurant in a sort of ratty strip center, at 33 Liberty Drive. Run by New Orleans couple, John and Amy Malik, the place became a regular stop of aficionados from about a 100 mile radius. It seated maybe 30 people. And the menu was usually…


Passion has everything to do with selling.

Passion has everything to do with selling. We went to the Peace Center Broadway launch event the other evening. There was a lot to love about it. First of all, it's looking like a great series (I personally can't wait to see Wicked again). They had a festive environment, with Ben and Jerry's ice cream, corn dogs, know, theater stuff. But none of that impressed us more than Mr. Daniel Hall (pictured above). Daniel is an usher, you know, the guys who tell you how to get to your seat. In this case, there were no assigned seats. So…


Invention is the mother of ... curiosity killed the ... or was it the other thing?

Invention is the mother of ... curiosity killed the ... or was it the other thing? Invention is in the DNA of Gibbons | Peck. Anne's dad was an R&D engineer in the aerospace industry. He invented some of the best ejection seat technology of all time. Made it kind of unnerving to be riding shotgun with him, in the Buick Roadmaster stationwagon, with the faux wood siding. I mean, who knows what he had rigged up in that seat? James's grandfather worked on the safety crew in a steel mill. Basically, his job was inventing shields and gates after…


4 thoughts on the names of things.

In the movie, Shakespeare in Love, the play the bard originally conceived was called Romeo and Ethel the Pirate's Daughter. Although Will suggested that a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, clearly Tom Stoppard and company did not agree. The writers of the film understood that, to the ear, Ethel says something very different from Juliet. Even if the two names are attached to the same rose. This is a special challenge for people as they are naming things. 1. What does it look like written down? Several years ago, I worked on a synthetic cheese called,…


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