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March 2014


We keep score. 300 of you have looked at this. Who will be next. Yay!


3 Reasons to push back with the legal department.

We once worked with a client who affectionately referred to their legal department as "the sales prevention department." They had a highly empowered legal department. And the lawyers, being lawyers, were very good at anticipating possible litigation risks and recommending ways to avoid those risks. What the marketing team found frustrating (and what the lawyers didn't care about, because they got their bonuses anyway) was that the advice of the legal department almost always amounted to...don't do marketing. From a risk avoidance, litigation prevention perspective it makes perfect sense. If you don't make any promises on behalf of your product,…


3 Things to remember about community involvement.

In many of the industries we serve, we work with brands for whom community involvement is very important. This can be challenging to wrap our heads around, especially since no two people define "community involvement" the same way. In fact, many people have different definitions depending on what day it is, or to whom they are talking. Over the years, we've discovered a few principles you may find helpful in this area. In no particular order, here they are:1. Work at the discipline of distinguishing between community involvement and marketing.Community involvement is NOT marketing. It may touch the marketing team,…


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