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February 2014

CVS announcement is a huge branding win!

To tell you the truth, I've always thought of CVS as the WalMart of drugstore chains. Big, operations-driven, mom-and-pop-killing, price-crunching, vendor-eating, location-grabbing retailer. I've always found their graphics (and even their name) to be generic. Not quite orange, not quite red, all-caps, three consonants ... in HELVETICA! How not-organic can you be? Well, last week, they changed all that. One of the basic principles of branding is stand for something. The whole idea is to present a consistent personality, to be identifiable in a way that people want to associate with you. Does anyone want to associate with a drugstore…


We didn't lose an art director, we gained an illustrator.

So, over the weekend we had the privilege of attending Karen's wedding to Mr. Benjamin Schipper. It was a really beautiful wedding (of course). The bride was elegant and sophisticated, yet sweet and beautiful. The groom was befitting of such a bride. We were especially touched by all the speeches at the reception. Everyone talked about prayer. We talked to some professors and esteemed professionals from our industry. Every single person spoke glowingly about Ben. Until that evening, we had only enjoyed limited time with him. So it was encouraging to hear so many third-party, unsolicited endorsements of both his…


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