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November 2013

Throwback Thursday-Walk across Antarctica!

Several years ago, we had the opportunity to work with the Girl Scouts of our region to promote some major events. One of these events involved the first woman ever to walk across Antarctica. Now, it's a little chilly this time of year. And it gets a little frosty walking across a parking lot to Publix. But just think about walking across an entire continent, where the daily highs are colder than it ever gets in North Carolina or South Carolina...or even Viginia or Kentucky. She used sleds and tents and lightweight portable heaters and cooking stuff. One tough lady,…


Throwback Thursdays-Hands-on Help

These were some of the coolest accountants we've ever encountered. They wore interesting clothes and were interested in interesting things. The partner in charge of marketing was a jazz sax player. The head of recruiting was a competitive swimmer in college. As we started working with them to define their differential advantage, some research revealed that they were prized by their clients for their ability to consult on business issues beyond accounting. They were smart folks who could talk to you about interesting and helpful things. They had a bit of a problem. They were located both in the mountains…


Branding in space-visual space.

When people think about branding, they usually think about a few of the most fundamental elements of branding-visual branding. But branding firms, advertising agencies, design firms, and freelancers often use branding as an opportunity to showcase their own visual skills, rather than focusing on the practical (if sometimes mundane) responsibility of creating brand imagery in the visual space that authentically and consistently expresses the brand character. In general, the visual space includes: - Color. They say a hawk can see something like 200 different shades of distinct color within what we would call "green." Inuit language has something like 100…


Throwback Thursday-"O-S-C-A-R"

Here's the story as it was told to us. One day, our friend Bobby Joe Jones was picking up his daughter at Brownies. He got there a little early, and was treated to a troop of little girls singing, "There was a farmer had a dog and Bingo was his name, oh, B-I-N-G-O, B-I-N-G-O, B-I-N-G-O, and Bingo was his name, oh!" Bobby Joe was an art director|producer at the time for J. Walter Thompson. And J. Walter had been given the assignment to differentiate Oscar Meyer Bologna. Bobby Joe morphed the two ideas and the result was this Clio Hall…


Throwback Thursdays-The "demo."

In some cases, attitude is everything. When our friends at The Greenville News decided to launch their weekly news and information publication for Generation X, they needed to appeal to certain demographic characteristics.This is a demographic that tends to morph business, family, friends, leisure...all into one big thing. They are also a generation of shoppers. They like deals. And as the first generation of the Internet, they like (and are accustomed to receiving) FREE stuff. Particularly FREE content. And, it is a generation characterized by a passion for sarcasm. All of this worked together to form the self-effacing concept for…


Branding in Space-Head Space

Branding agencies and brand managers do well to remember that brands are squatters. They exist in other people's heads. They must be allowed in. They have only limited power to dictate how they will be defined, perceived, talked about, used, loved, and cherished (or not). They can be shelved in favor of a new brand at any time. They can even be evicted, demonize, marginalized. Face it, I am allowed to be as fickle as I want inside my own head. So, what does that mean to a brand? 1. Brands must be consistent. A brand works its way into…


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