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May 2012

It's my blog and I can cry if I want to.

I just read an article about how nobody reads ad agency blogs. Kinda hurt my feelings. I guess nobody loves me. Then, I started to recall the times when I've been in new business situations or at business | social events and have been confronted with something I had said here. There is evidence that at least somebody does read this agency's blog. So, now I feel better. I'm easy that way. One time, we were in the short list, making second presentations. We had a suitcase full of spec work. A Powerpoint presentation. Clean shirts. Polished shoes. Things were…


Below Radar.

This is a combination sales strategy and pricing strategy. We used to have a client who sold a certain product to maintenance managers at manufacturing plants. The product sale was a long-term relationship thing. The idea was to get into the plant with the basic product, which would then open the gate for followup services and add-on products. Pretty simple. Thing is, once you were in the door, there wasn't much opportunity for competitors, but once your competitors were in the door, there wasn't much opportunity for you. So our client had an approach that was something like this:Telephone sales…


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