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March 2012

Really good. That's all.

So, I was talking to our friend, Ashley about cows and milk. Now, most people couldn't carry a conversation about cows and milk very far, but Ashley happens to be an expert. She is one of the owners | operators of Happy Cow Creamery in Pelzer, SC. Their approach is pretty simple, and very successful. They produce good milk. Really, really, really good milk. Now there are some basic things that go into that.1. Some cows like to stand in the sun. Others like to stand in the shade. Happy cows spend their days in fields that have both sun…


Old Friends.

It's a small world. And it keeps getting smaller. When you do business in a community for a few years, you eventually "know" everybody. It used to be a source of amazement to our crew when they would bring a new business prospect to the table, only to learn that we already know the company, the marketing director, the CEO, the founder, and the founder's mama. After a while, you hit another phase. Where people you know meet people you know. And then, your six degrees of separation have forks in the road. We have an old "downtown" friend (from…


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