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August 2009

Zucchini Soup!

Our friend Audrey asked for some yummy recipes to start her married life with. So, here you go, sister. Enjoy.Zucchinis are like rabbits. You plant one, you get a zillion. So it's always good to have some recipes for them. Let's face it, your gardening friends are going to give you zucchinis. So, here's a zucchini soup recipe some missionary friends gave us, that tastes like asparagus soup. You take two pounds of zucchini (about four zucchinis)...slice off some of the skin (just like rough them up, don't really slice them)...chop them into quarters...put them in a pan, covered with…


Gourmet Hay.

We had French Canadian guests at church yesterday. But I'll get back to that. Anne and I decided to take the day off on Friday. It was a half-day (an office schedule experiment we started a couple of years ago, that has been a great success-maybe I'll blog about it some time), and we had a half vacation day coming, so we just took the day. We ran some errands in the morning, and then, we pointed the Prius north toward Tryon, where some friends were camped out for the day at an art show | craft show | horse…


Tweets and mortar.

My college poetry professor, Paul Nelson, always asked, "What's the objective correlative." He was a sort of a concrete imagist. So he was always trying to get us to write about things in terms of other things. Abstract things in terms of concrete things. Ideas in terms of things. He wrote a lot about cars and bar fights and fishing gear. But (so he said) he was really writing about relationships and passions and know, man's inhumanity to man. Stuff like that. And example he might have given (and maybe he actually did give this one) was that the…


Random things to know about editing video.

I was talking to a guy up in Virginia this afternoon about a possible video project. As we were talking, I began to remember some things I've learned over the years from Steve Czajaikowski, Bruce Mitchell, and others. Little tricks, really. 1. Edit to the music, not to the voice over. There are two kinds of people (well maybe three): auditory, visual, (and maybe verbal). Art school art directors and video editors tend to be visual. Agency writers, account people, and client-side marketing people tend to be verbal or quantitative (okay that's four...just work with me here). A visual person…


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