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July 2009

Why do I hit myself with a hammer?

Because it feels so good when I stop. The economy is reminding me of this old joke today. We still have more than 6 million people unemployed. And we still have a huge number of upside down mortgages. And we still have anemic home sales and depressed home prices. But the news is not as bad as it used to be. So, the market sees it as good news. We're up almost 2 percent, and it's not even noon. What will happen when we take the needles out of our eyes? Now that will be a boom!



The first time I went off the high dive at the Martins Ferry public pool, it took a few tries. Got in line. Climbed the ladder. Walked out onto the springboard. Looked down at the water (actually, I think I was looking at the bottom). Got butterflies. Turned around, made everyone get off the ladder, and went back down. Lifeguard asked me what the problem was. I could swim. I could hold my breath. I had made dives off the low board and the side of the pool many times. So, what was the problem? I was skeert (there doesn't…


Rugs rock!

We were in High Point last week, visiting an Oriental rug manufacturer. We learned a lot about the rug business. It's interesting that they have some things in common with us-intellectual property. Seems that they have to be creating new designs constantly. Rather than launching a new line every year or every other year, they just launch them as they need to. Goes like this...They launch a new design, complete with design variations to accommodate all the various rug sizes. They sell that design, until they see the same (or a very similar) design in some other manufacturer's line. Then…


Do you see what's funny about this?

I went to a rubber-chicken dinner a few months ago. The speaker was the executive producer of a highly-regarded Sunday, talking-head, news commentary show. She was talking about things like how disastrous it was to undo the damage of being misquoted. How powerful a mere mention can be in the launch of a product. Stuff like that. In her conclusion, she said:...the media is a powerful medium...It about cracked me up. Maybe it's just a writer thing. Some people see nothing funny about this whatsoever. So, there's that.


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