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May 2009

Those fishing birds.

What are they called? The ones that get way up in the air, point their beaks strait down, tuck their wings, and dive like spears into the water, smash through the surface, and spear fish like six or eight feet under water. Not sure what they're called. But they sure are daredevils. The amazing thing to me is that they're diving into dark water, yet, they come up with fish more than half the time. How does that work? Amazing. I've been feeling sort of that way on the new business front. Point your beak at something, get up insane…


A test of character.

Way back in my waiter days, I discovered a wonderful, single-question test of character. Do you treat the people who work for you the same as you treat the people you work for? Try it out. It always works. I first noticed it when I was a waiter. Business people would bring clients, customers, or prospects to our restaurant to entertain them. The really good, honest, hard-working, intelligent ones (the ones with long-term solid reputations) were very polite to their guests; but surprisingly, they were equally polite to their waiter...and their bus boy! But the ones who were known around…


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