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February 2009


That's the average age of the folks we spent the weekend with. It was awesome. We're working on some branding for Pittsboro Christian Village. This weekend, we went over for a visit. Spent Saturday evening there. Went to services there on Sunday morning. Shot off to lunch with Uncle Ducky. Back at Pittsboro for dinner and evening service. Spent the day there on Monday. What an amazing group of people! We met missionaries from Congo and Zambia. We met folks who knew Anne's parents before they were married (which would be, like, sixty years ago). We met retired executives. The…


Spider Race!

UmpquaWal MartMcDonaldsLet's see whose PR spiders get here first.


I like mine with lettuce and tomatoes, hot chilli peppers and french fried potatoes.

People who know Anne and me know that we eat red meat about once a decade. Well, this year, we decided to celebrate Valentine's Day by having a cheeseburger and fries (we're really boring). So, we started about a month ago, asking all our carnivorous friends for recommendations regarding burgers and fries. We got Sonic, Fuddruckers, Wendy's (my dad's fav)... But our nephew Jonathan came with the definitive recco. Five Guys.So, Friday, Anne and I saved our calories all day, so we could do the celebratory injection of nasties into our arteries. We cruised in around 5:30. Place was filling…


Vivian's science project.

A good friend of ours, and an occasional client, is Isothermal Community College. They have the world's coolest radio station (WNCW), for which we have never done promotional work. And they also have an awesome metrology lab, for which we have done a good bit of work. Metrology is the science of measuring things. When we first started positioning the lab, we got a quick lesson in testing. One of the "destructive" test we learned about was a destructive breakage (or strength) test. The way it works is you take a material, you stretch it out, and then you start…


What's it gonna look like.

Today, unemployment hit a 16 year high. This is our company's sixteenth year in business. So, the economy is beginning to look a lot like uncharted territory. For us, and I guess for a lot of other people. Of course, there is history. There is 1992, 1982, 1970s, 1930s..., and we can certainly learn from all of those times. But right now, we are in a time in which some things are different from those times. The banking ship that is currently stuck on a sandbar is a very different vessel than banks of any previous time. Sophisticated, fast-paced investment…


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