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June 2008

People who can help.

We have a young friend, the 13-year-old daughter of our neighbors up the street, who is a very promising runner. She is already the fastest girl on her high school track team in the mile and 2-mile races. AT 13! So, just to improve and train, she has to find people to run with. She used to run with the boys. But now, she's faster than the boys. Sometimes she runs with one of her coaches. A while back, she got to run as a guest (I think in the marathon world they call them "pirates" or something like that-people…


Just imagine if this were an important blog!

In the past few days, we've gotten blog hits from every continent except Australia and Antarctica. We've been visited from Hawaii, and just about every mainland U.S. time zone. And the other day we were hit from an island in the Indian Ocean, off of Africa, which I had never heard of (somebody interested in the post about "Wearing somebody else's clothes"). I get to talk to folks I will never meet, in places I will never visit. And if I use the right search words, I might get visits from even more folks. Stuff like dune buggy, locust infestation,…


Just for kicks...

Let's see who has spiders...UMPQUA, Bank of America, Proctor and Gamble, Microsoft, Barack Obama, Chiat/Day, Carolina First Bank, PUBLIX, BMW, New York Times, Washington Post, Dick Cheney. It's 11:09 by my count. Let's see what happens. They never showed up this time. Guess they're onto me. Cried "Umpqua" one time too many.



One thing seems to secure a bond like nothing else-sharing a secret. We asked a vendor for some help the other day. She said she would help us, but that we couldn't tell anyone, or she would have to make the same deal for her other clients. Then she asked us for some insight into a specific issue, on which we have some special information. We gave her the insight. But, of course, we did so on the condition that she not share the secret information with any of our competitors or their clients. She agreed. Now we have a…


I remember those days.

We had a really nice phone interview with a young graphic designer from Wisconsin. Like all young graphic designers from somewhere else, she is looking to move to Greenville, South Carolina for all kinds of reasons having to do with her life. But she will come here and fall in love (with the place), and there is a better than 50/50 chance she'll still be here 25 years from now. After all, we do have that bridge. She is pretty good, judging from her work, which is nice to see. But what was really refreshing was that she is a…


Dopey me.

I was just looking at some web statistics and noticed an interesting trend. I noticed there are big jumps in hits to this blog on certain days. So I went back to the blog to investigate what days those hits occurred, and guess what I found. On days when I write a blog post, people come visit. Sometimes its obvious. I wonder how many other marketing situations this applies to. You run an ad, people come to your store. You put a sign in your window, people buy stuff. I guess Claude Hopkins had it right.


And since we're on the subject ...

As cool as Umpqua is, it must really grate on them that they don't have To get the great and powerful umpqua, you have to enter four extra letters: the way, isn't fly fishing a beautiful sport. I mean just a little less boring than watching paint dry. But beautiful nevertheless.


Umpqua Umpqua Umpqua

I just love to do that from time to time. Then sit back and see how long it takes the Umpqua spiders to hit the blog. Amazing, really. They certainly have it going on with that! Wrote this between 5:20 and 5:26 on June 16. I'll let you know how soon they arrive. They arrived at 5:26:29. Remarkable!


Either you stand for it or you don't.

Business is not a philosophy class or a smoke filled dorm room in the middle of the night. It's really pretty simple. Do you offer something people want at a price they want to pay? If so, say so. If not, change your price, change your offering, or fold up your tent and go home. We have been enjoying working with a new brand concept for a few months now. They are great folks (and that is not something you can ever take for granted). But what makes it really enjoyable to work on their business is that they know…


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