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May 2008


We just launched our new web site. Folks seem to like it. Check it out and see what you think. But that's not what I'm blogging about today. Today, it's the value of traffic driving tactics. For a long time, we've been getting about 500 views a week. Since it was the old site, we didn't really worry too much about it. Then, last week, we sent an HTML email to a few hundred of our friends and relatives as part of our launch plan. We got 5000 views! I'm not a math guy, but I think that's like a…


People like to look at people.

We've made an interesting discovery about web perusers. They like to look at people. We consider ourselves pretty ordinary looking people (with one or two exceptions). And we feel like some of our offerings, case studies, and insights are pretty unusual. Yet, the most viewed section of our web site is the people section. I guess we're just naturally social, and we like to look at each other...just like they said in ad school. It's a conversation we sometimes have with technical clients. The temptation is to think that when you do something technical, that you are an exception to…


New Site!

Took about as long as it took James Joyce to write Ulysses, but our new site is up. Go check it out. Let me know what you think.


Jake / IZ continuum.

Okay, you might say I'm getting carried away with this whole ukulele thing. But I think it's a rich vein. Here at the headquarters, we're always looking for shorthand ways of talking about personalities, styles, capabilities, aptitudes, and stuff like that. We talk about the quintessential/exceptional paradigm, in which greatness falls into one of two categories (Michael Jordan is quintessential, Dennis Rodman is exceptional). We have a whole alphabet soup of Meyers-Brigs and HBDI language (I am an INFP, quadrant B resistant, D-C...of course). Well, I believe I have discovered a breakthrough in personality pidgin-holeing (pun intended). I call it…



Love the word. Love the ax. Anne got me a little koa ukulele (ooo-koo-lay-lay) back in March, when we were in Honolulu. It's awesome. Now, there are the $10 ukes you can get at tourist traps or on EBAY. Can't even keep them in tune. Then there are the real ukuleles starting with mahogany and spruce axes made in china-nice enough, but they don't appreciate. Then there are the koa axes, wood harvested in Hawaii, shipped to china, parts cut in china, shipped back to Hawaii, assembled and finished in Hawaii. That's what I got-affordable, sounds great, and appreciates over…


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