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We just learned that we're going to be branding a company in Hawaii, and I'm sure you'll be hearing more about it as the initiative goes along. They are very polite people, but very strong. It's refreshing, if unnerving, in contrast of the growing tendency toward posturing and bombast among business people today. Not to go down another rabbit trail (here we go), but have you noticed how business interactions have become more combative and loud lately? Anyhow, our Hawaii clients are not that way. And I'm glad of it.

We've been planning a visit in a couple of weeks. Mentioned it to our friend Audrey yesterday, and she said she had been to Hawaii once, for 35 minutes, when she was in elementary school. She was on her way to the Philippines, stopped for refueling, flying with her mom on a military transport-her dad was an Air Force pilot at the time. She said the cabin wasn't very pressurized, and she ended up having her feet swell so she couldn't wear her old shoes anymore. Had to get new ones.

Anyhow, we are boning up on all things Hawaii. I dig that the big island has a whole bunch of climate strata (I think it's like 11 or 13), including a rain forest, an arid desert, a live volcano, and snow-capped peaks. Of course, they also have some of the world's best coffee-Kona. And the original people of Hawaii created some of the most awesome boats in the world-outriggers.

By the way, did you have any idea you spelled "Philippines" that way. Very tricky.

I'm pretty psyched. I'll keep you posted.

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