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I am, by nature, a self-absorbed ingrate. It took me many years to figure out that the person with the best idea isn't necessarily the most important person in the room. It took me almost that long to figure out that my ideas weren't necessarily the best ideas just because they were mine. There is a Spirit dwelling in me that tells me to be thankful. But He is very polite and allows me to overrule Him. Unfortunate.

I have had moments of clarity over the years. Heideggerian "coming into the clear" moments, in which I have said "Please," and walls have fallen; I have said "Thank you," and enemies have become allies...allies advocates...anger has melted away. But I tend to forget those moments, especially when a grasp of the underlying reality would serve me best. Stress does that, I guess.

Anyhow, I want to thank some folks I don't usually. Clients who have paid for us to be in business for ... a long time. Clients who have given us the direction and encouragement to do work that works, and that we can be proud of. Clients who have turned us loose among their most valuable assets...their measure, and pinch, and prod until a brand confesses itself. Thanks to all clients, because without clients, what's the point?

Thanks to key suppliers who have taken our work and made it better. Made it faster. Made it prettier. And who have done so on budgets our clients would buy. It's a funny thing. To the seller, the price is always great. To the buyer it's always on the edge of outrageous! So, thanks to our friends and colleagues who have worked with us in this great tug-of-war.

Thanks to mentors, co-workers, team members, friendly competitors, clients (yeah, we actually learn from clients)...who have made us better. Please, let's keep this cycle going.

My mom used to say Abracadabra, Please and Thank You. It's magic you know. Sometimes causes people who could say no to say yes. Sometimes causes people who could be angry adversaries to be empathetic advocates. Nice words. And not just "niceties." Because they make a real difference.

Thanks. Please stay tuned.

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