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That's the average age of the folks we spent the weekend with. It was awesome. We're working on some branding for Pittsboro Christian Village. This weekend, we went over for a visit. Spent Saturday evening there. Went to services there on Sunday morning. Shot off to lunch with Uncle Ducky. Back at Pittsboro for dinner and evening service. Spent the day there on Monday. What an amazing group of people!

We met missionaries from Congo and Zambia. We met folks who knew Anne's parents before they were married (which would be, like, sixty years ago). We met retired executives.

The place is run by a retired Lt. Colonel, Gerald. He lives on the grounds with his family. So, you have this community in which the average age is 85. And then you have these four teenagers hanging around, with their friends. And everybody loves everybody. What a brand!

I gotta say, I have never done a series of one-on-one interviews in which every interview included prayer and more than half included tears. Can't wait to write this one!

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