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Audrey Carter

Audrey was born in Savannah, Georgia. Being an Air Force kid, she's lived pretty much everywhere there's a runway. But she considers Pearisburg, Virginia her home. That would be Southwest Virginia. God's country. Where people know better than to go wading in the New River.

She received a BA in journalism from Radford College (now Radford University), known for cello players, field hockey, and plaid. And she has crafted a career doing incredibly cool things.

She started as a newspaper reporter near her Virgina hometown, covering-among other things-regional culture. Then she moved on to the mysterious world where typography and technology collide, doing development and marketing at the dawn of desktop publishing. She actually knows what a ligature is and has been known to use the word, "Boolean" in conversation.

Audrey can organize an annual report or website content matrix until it just about makes sense. She can manage a project so deftly it looks like it's managing itself. She can write a campaign from scratch. And as an editor, she has the uncanny ability to channel a writer and make him sound just like himself-only better.

Although Gibbons Peck prizes the sundry abilities of Audrey Carter, she considers her volunteer career with hospice to be her most important work. Her personal experience and compassion make her a source of quiet strength to families dealing with end-of-life issues.

Audrey lives with her husband James and their two cats, Andy and Oreo. As a hobby, she likes to collect interesting things, none more interesting than her dirt museum-soil samples from around the world, including scoops of five continents.


I was named after a hurricane.


No matter how much you want, or don't want it to, time passes. Things change.


Sometimes silence is the best response.