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Elizabeth Bordeaux

Pickens County has given us a lot. The Jeep. Some cool custom guitars. More Congressional Medals of Honor per capita than anywhere in the lower 48. And… Elizabeth Bordeaux.

She holds a B.S. in psychology from North Greenville University, plays the violin, speaks a couple of languages, has an “X” in both her maiden and married names, and keeps Gibbons | Peck running like a top.

Before joining Gibbons Peck she worked in real estate and health services. We look to her to direct traffic, expedite billing, keep the schedule on schedule…and so far we haven’t found anything she can’t do, doesn’t know, or can’t learn if you hum a few bars.

Elizabeth and her husband Chip live a few blocks from her childhood home with Lady and Chance, their two German Shepherds. In her free time, she loves reading, road trips, baseball (wooden bats, please), and Clemson football (watching, not playing—people would get hurt).

I lived in the same house my entire life. After attending college an hour from home, I got married and moved for the first the other side of the same town I grew up in.

You can't change what you won’t confront.

Learning never ends—the experiences of others are great lessons because we don't live long enough to experience everything ourselves.