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Social Media is Old SchoolSocial Media is Old School

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For about twenty years, we’ve been all about employing smart visuals, words, sounds, colors, and technology to help clients connect with customers…prospects…the world. It’s what we call branding

In that light, we’ve given a lot of thought to the digital space—websites, mobile sites, blogs, online advertising, digital media. Making free media, purchased media, earned media, and owned media work together for unprecedented synergy. Using strategies like SEO, PPC, and retargeting to find, attract, refind and reattract. Of course, this whole conversation orbits around Social Media

It all comes down to people talking to people about things that matter to them. We made this video to illustrate the point. 

Thanks to our secret weapon Luke the animator. And to our pals at Williamson/Evans for helping us out with the words and music part. 

Take a look. Share it around. Let us know what you think. You’re our kind of folks.